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Web Design Services

It is easy to have a website designed and then placed active on the Internet, however, it is often difficult and costly to attract potential customers to your site. That is why we offer our own web directory service for promoting your website throughout the World Wide Web.

As our commitment to provide an affordable online advertising strategy we have also created our own web directory service called The Business Informer to help deliver this commitment. This alternative uses shared advertising resources from other customers to help promote your site. As part of our web directory, your site will be featured in this directory for free or with a premium service offer to enhance visibility.

Key Benefits

  • We create an online advertising presence for you company by providing the following services:

  • We will place you in our sponsored listing (the top five places on your own category page) for as little as little as $100.00 per month or include you in one of the other 10 places following the sponsored advertisers for as little as $50.00 per month.

  • We will use a customized method of advertising specific to your products or services based on your financial and product promotion needs.

  • We will do our best to get your site pages on our website to be placed in the top 20 on sites such as Google, MSN and other well known search engines as well as the other advertisers on your category page.

  • We will manage and optimize your listings on a frequent basis to ensure you are getting the best ranking possible depending on the package selected by you.  Because we are managing your online advertising needs though our web director, your business will be able to focus on the daily operations rather than attempting to create traffic to your website.

Since you are sharing a space within a specific category related to your business, everyone who is located on that page will have the ability to receive additional traffic by observation.

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