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Business or Education Seminars

Too often business professionals and educators find themselves speaking about topics that they are considered to be an expert about.  However, many times, the trainer/educator would like to capture these trainings or seminars as digital videos or distribution on DVD, but do not have the resources to accomplish this task.  We can assist in the capture of this event at very reasonable costs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you with this process.

The creation of this type of event will often involve the video and sound recording of the event that will be transferred to digital format or other media format as required by the trainer.

Training Videos

We are committed in helping the small business to achieve an effective training video system that can be utilized with the training of new employees.

The training process that utilizes traditional reading of large amounts of information is often non-stimulating for the new employee.  That is why we will create a video series that can be displayed on a television or via the Internet.  These unique delivery systems offer a versatile method of distribution to the new employee.

Interactive Educational Media

We specialize in the development of educational media that can be utilized or instituted within the student learning process.  Since some of our staff members are currently actively involved in the educational process at the college level, as well as experienced at the high school level we are familiar with the varied discipline materials being taught.  Therefore, we are familiar with the need to provide supplemental learning materials to enhance the educational experience.
Real Estate Video Services

We are proud to offer REALTORS an alternative to the still picture stitching method of creating virtual home tours, The "Video Virtual Tour".  We can create and provide quality videos of property listings to help promote your properties.  Additionally, unlike still photos, we can actually video the listing agent giving a guided tour of their client's home with verbal descriptions every step of the way helping to point out key features that may not be able to viewed correctly using still photos only.  This professional video can then be placed on that agent's website to showcase the home.

Personalization is what we are really discussing.  By creating a guided tour video within the clients home with the actual listing agent, you are helping to breakdown the static barriers that exist with traditional virtual tours.   Additionally, the placement of these videos on your own website can make you the agent or realtor stand out from the rest.
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